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Personal Injury

Law Firm Experience

Andreas M. Kelly, Esq. obtained his experience working at well-established law firms defending personal injury claims.  He represented insurance companies and Florida businesses that were sued for  negligent premises liability, for legal, accounting and medical malpractice, for negligent operation of a motor vehicle or heavy equipment, or for negligent supervision of employees.

Personal Injury Experience

Attorney Kelly also represented multi-national corporations, including automobile and tire manufacturers, who were sued because of defective designs that caused catastrophic injury and deaths.  He defended cases involving insurance errors and denials, slip and falls, accidents on the job, automobile and motorcycle accidents, and others product manufacturers. From this experience, he knows their strengths and weaknesses, and applies that knowledge to help those who have been injured.

Our team is currently handling cases including claims with automobile accidents, medical malpractice slip or trip and fall accidents, civil theft, asbestos litigation, discrimination, employer negligence, insurance claims, dog bites, landlord-tenant law, product liability and wrongful death cases.


If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of the negligence of another, whether from a car accident, a dangerous condition on a sidewalk or stairs, a defective car, roller skate, elevator or tire, or the collapse of a building, you deserve to have your rights protected.  

Your rights include having your medical bills paid, lost time from work, as well as pain and suffering. We have tried cases involving a variety of accidents, from broken bones to quadriplegic and wrongful death cases.


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What should you do if you’ve been injured?

Generally, there are certain common sense steps you can take, and that might increase your chances of a reasonable financial recovery:

  • If you were in a motor vehicle accident, be sure to get an accident report issued by the police.
  • Document as much as you can about the location, vehicles, defective product or area, and the injury itself.  Talk to no one about the accident or injuries other than your attorney or physician.
  • If there are no police investigating, get the contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident who may be able to help prove your case.
  • Immediately seek medical attention following your accident. Explain how the injuries occurred to your doctor. Be sure to describe any feelings of pain, disorientation, loss of memory, confusion, or other conditions you feel were caused by the incident.

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  • That all discussions are strictly confidential
  • To meet with Attorney Kelly personally
  • That Attorney Kelly will listen to your description of what happened to you
  • That Attorney Kelly will provide you with his analysis of the legal fault of the other party or parties, and whether he feels that you have a worthwhile case against them
  • That you have no obligation to retain Attorney Kelly

Andreas Kelley Personal Injury AttorneyIf you decide to retain ATTORNEY Kelly to represent you in your PERSONAL INJURY case, he will commit to the following:

  • Give you a “road map,” so that you know what he will be doing, how long you should expect it to take, and what results you should expect at the end
  • Thoroughly review the documents that you provide to him
  • Immediately request copies of any relevant documents that you do not have, and which are available from employers, doctors/hospitals, former attorneys, law enforcement agencies, fire rescue, former partners or vendors
  • Provide you with a legal analysis of your rights and obligations, and those of other parties, after reviewing the relevant documents
  • Prepare and file pleadings on a timely basis, with the court that will be presiding over your case
  • Periodically inform you as to the status of your case
  • Prepare you for any examinations or depositions that you may need to attend
  • Prepare you for a mediation to settle the case
  • Prepare you for trial, if there is one
  • Guarantee to provide the best legal services possible

If you have any questions about your rights, or want to know whether you can be collect any money damages for what has happened to you, fill in your personal information for a FREE CONSULTATION, or call us at 305-592-1192.

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